Java 2004 — A Tour for the Midrange Developer


Java 2 Micro Edition Overview


J2ME provides an environment for applications running on consumer devices, like mobile phones, PDAs, and TV set-top boxes, and on a broad range of embedded devices.

  • Architecture
    • Combine Configurations, Profiles and Optional Packages to match memory, processing power, and I/O capabilities of a related category of devices.
  • Configurations provide base functionality with VM and class libraries.
    • Connected Limited Device Configuration ( CLDC ). Minimum requirements: 16 bit processor, 160K persistent memory, 32K volatile memory.

    • Connected Device Configuration ( CDC ). Minimum requirements: 32 bit processor, 2M main memory, 2.5M ROM, network connectivity.
  • Profiles add domain-specific classes geared towards specific uses of devices and provide functionality missing from the underlying configuration.
    • CLDC
      • Information Module Profile ( IMP ) — MIDP subset with a limited UI.
      • Mobile Information Device Profile ( MIDP ).

    • CDC
      • Foundation Profile ( FP ).
      • Personal Basis Profile ( PBP ).
      • Personal Profile ( PP ).

  • Graphic reproduced from J2ME Datasheet Next