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About conceptGO

     conceptGO is a principal-driven, full service software consulting and development organization. The company entered the world as Autumn Software in 1992 and converted fully to conceptGO in 2001. For more information or assistance, contact us at conceptGO. Our associated principals are:

Joe Sam Shirah

  • Joe Sam is a recipient of the Java Community Award and the author of several tutorials, including JDBC 2.0 Fundamentals at the Java Developer Connection and Java Internationalization Basics and Getting Started with EJB Technology, both published at IBM's developerWorks Java zone. He has also been the JDBC, Internationalization, and Java400 FAQ Manager at jGuru and moderator of the Java Filter Forum at developerWorks. His background includes production experience as a consultant, developer, and employee in both corporate and commercial software environments.

  • Holley Davis

  • Holley is the creator of the Programmer in a Box software products. He has provided business solutions as a consultant, developer, and employee on midrange, PC and mainframe platforms.

  •      conceptGO, understands business. Our primary domain expertise is financial, logistics/supply chain management and inventory. In addition, we have been involved with projects in advertising, agricultural production, government, conversions, order fulfillment, hospitals, hotel management, insurance, manufacturing, oil and gas, and retail, among others.

         Our development process uses clear requirements, change management, documentation as proof of performance, and extensive testing to achieve professional, production quality results, with no surprises. We can take your need from an idea through deployment or any point in between. Our focus on remote development with 24/7 availability frees your company from resource, location, and time constraints. With our own AS/400 and PC networks, you also have the option of completely outsourcing your projects. You will always deal with a principal who understands that our success depends on your success. If additional resources are required for a project, we can call on a world-wide network of partners, who are pre-qualified, principal-involved firms.

         Our major platforms are the AS/400, Windows and NT/2000. However, with our primary use of the Java programming language, we can write applications that will run on any Java enabled system. Our site, for example, including the live code, runs on a Linux server.

         Our technical expertise is in Java ( with strong skills in JDBC, servlets, I18N and J2EE/EJB ) and RPG, OOA/OOD/OOPS, communications, databases, SQL, and HTML/XML. Other language areas include C, C++, CL and PowerBuilder.

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