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Unit 223
Jacksonville, FL  32224
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Joe Sam Shirah, CDP

Principal, Consultant, Developer




     Seasoned developer with a strong background in consulting, commercial and corporate applications. Understanding and appreciation of enterprise processes and requirements, especially in the financial area. Professional, technical level of expertise in the IBM midrange, Windows and cross platform environments. Well versed in computer languages ( with fluency in Java and RPG, ) object oriented technologies and relational databases. Often proven ability to learn and use new technologies, as evidenced by certification, presentations, publications and awards. Business based education, with emphasis on continual learning, both in the field and through seminars and conventions. Professionally active and known locally, nationally and internationally via the internet.


Consulting — Projects for a variety of technical and non-technical clients, generally from idea through development to implementation and training.

  • CompuDat Services, Asheville, NC.
  • Information and Computing Services ( ICS ), Jacksonville, FL.
  • Autumn Software, Established 1991, converted to conceptGO in 2001.


Commercial Software

  • J.D. Edwards, Denver, CO; Manager, Financial Reporting.



  • Dynamic Control, Orlando, FL; Senior Systems Analyst, MIS, in a company of programmers.
  • Customized Transportation ( CTI ), Jacksonville, FL; Manager, Technology Services. Direct, hands on support for JDE, Windows and Java applications.



  • McCarley & Company, Asheville, NC; Registered Representative, Registered Options Principal.



  • U.S. Army, Automated Stock Control Specialist; Highest Rank: SP/5, Honorable Discharge.



  • IBM — AS/400 ( iSeries, ) S/3x series, mainframe communications.
  • Windows — Win 3.x - Windows 8.
  • JEE/J2EE — Glassfish/Sun Java System Application Server (SJSAS), WebSphere, JBoss.
  • Servlet Containers — Tomcat, Jetty.
  • Other — DOS, Linux, Solaris; any Java enabled platform.



  • Java SE/JEE — including EJB, JMS, Servlets, JavaServer Faces (JSF), Facelets, PrimeFaces, RichFaces, JDBC, I18N, JavaFX, Swing, JasperReports/iReport.
  • SQL, ODBC/JDBC — DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Cloudscape/Derby, etc.
  • ZingChart
  • CL, RPG — II, III/400, IV; ILE.
  • C/C++ — including Windows and Win32 API.
  • Other — understanding, with some development experience, of COBOL, Fortran, PowerBuilder, SmallTalk, Visual Basic.


Certification, Presentations, Publications and Awards


Professional Activities




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